Finale: Tortuga is the seventh season of the Finale series. The season featured 18 new contestants and saw _______ as the winner. It is followed by _________.


  • Double Elimination - In this common twist, two elimination ceremonies are held in one episode. Usually, there will be two separate challenges held, with one team winning, and one team attending elimination each time.
  • Recovery Kit - A powerful item that, if found, allows a player to revive a previously eliminated contestant, putting that person back in the game.
  • Shipwreck Event - An event that takes place at a random time during the game that allows players to abandon their current team to join a new "shipwrecked" team that must start from scratch.

Elimination OrderEdit

Tribe Affiliation Finish Rewards Punishments
Original Team Shipwreck Jury Phase
Misty Giles
31, Los Angeles, CA
Sondheim 1st Voted Out
Episode 1

Season SummaryEdit